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What things should be kept in mind for choosing the best deodorant?

Rini Chandra, Allahabad
So you are stepping out of your home for a full day at work, on a summer day, where in India, the temperature easily soars over 40 degrees. You cannot avoid the sweat. So can you imagine stepping out without using your deodorant on such a day? Of course, not. That is why summers begin and deodorant/antiperspirant sales totally skyrocket. But some deodorants suit us but others absolutely don’t. So how is one supposed to choose the best possible deodorant or antiperspirant for oneself? Here are some simple tips any one can apply while buying these products-

1- So the first question that you may ask is: what is the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant? A deodorant is responsible for reducing body odor by eliminating the bacteria in sweat. In contrast, an antiperspirant, as the name suggests, reduces the formation of sweat, by stopping up sweat glands and keeping it from reaching your skin.
Hence, if your issue isn’t excessive sweating and you just want to control body odor, then deodorant is your best bet. But if sweat is an issue, although excessive sweating is found in hardly about 2% of the population, then you may go for an antiperspirant. It is also useful for people like athletes who may not have this medical condition but work in such conditions where they sweat profusely.
Even combinations of deodorants and antiperspirants are available in the market. So you could go for them as well.

2- You need to understand the labels because antiperspirants and deodorants are not magic. As per FDA regulations, an antiperspirant that cuts down sweat by 20% is considered all day, while one that cuts this down by 30% is considered extra-strength.

3- You could even try looking past ‘men’s’ and ‘women’s’ varieties. Yes, the sweat glands on a woman’s body and those of a man’s body are different, but that doesn’t change the basic way a deodorant works. As a matter of fact, fragrances may be different but the ingredients do not really change between men’s and women’s varieties. In fact, men’s products are a bit more economical sometimes than women’s products. Hence, feel free to experiment.

4- Now deodorants and antiperspirants are most widely available in spray form but there are a number of other user-friendly forms available in the market, like solids and roll-ons. In fact, many people find them better. Again, you will need to experiment to find out.

5- Also, learning which fragrance works best for you is also a done through experimentation. But one thumb rule that you can follow is- if you feel it is so strong that it gives you a headache, or so light that you can’t even feel it, don’t go for it. Remember, balance is the key. Also, your best friend’s opinion could come in handy. After all, no one likes to make all the people around sneeze because of choosing a bad deodorant.

So that should be enough, folks. So go ahead, choose the best deo. Smell great, stay confident!
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