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What is so special about the Intel's Core M processor?

Asna Saxena, Bilaspur
Given below are some of the key features of the Core M processor

It operates at a Thermal Design Power of 4.5 watts. This gives your device not just a higher battery life(Acc. to intel it offers double battery life for a 4-year-old laptop) but it also means that your device has less heat dissipation. The TDP is so low that device manufacturers can now look at passive cooling instead of fans. The fanless option for devices means that a manufacturer can now make even thinner devices than earlier.

Core M is the first processor that is based on the 14nm Broadwell architecture. So they produce transistors that are smaller than normal chips. Smaller transistor means that they can fit in more transistors to smaller space(1.3 billion of them in a dual-core Core M processor) and so use less power, generate less heat etc. The Core M processor takes up just half the space when compared to a 4th gen core series.

Intel has positioned the Core M processor between the high-end i3, i5 and i7 and the low-end Atom series.
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