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What are some of the best gadgets of 2016?

Ruchi Goel, Delhi
1. Parrot Disco
It is a drone which has two wings. It takes off more like a kite than a traditional drone. It can fly up to 45 minutes and reach speeds of just under 50 mph. It comes with a 1080p camera at the nose, and has a number of assisted flying modes.

2. Faraday Future FFZero1 Concept
It is a fully electric car which claims a 0-60 speed in less than three seconds, and can travel over 200mph. Even though the FFZero1 is just a concept car, it has left everyone thinking what a magnificent piece of engineering it would be.

3. Ehang Passenger Drone
It is an all-electric helicopter that can navigate itself to a destination with you inside.It is an autonomous drone that will be able to carry a single passenger for 23 minutes at a speed of 60 MPH. It also has gull-wing doors and arms that fold up.

4. Nima from 6 Sensor Labs
It is a gadget that can test food for gluten in under 2 minutes with antibody-based test and disposable pods.

5. The Daqri smart helmet
It is an industrial device that projects important information in front of the eyes of the wearer. It doubles as a hard hat and safety goggles making it ideal for anyone working with heavy machinery or in technical fields.

6. Garmin’s Varia Vision
It is an augmented reality display that you can mount to your sunglasses. It can alert you about traffic and directions.
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