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Who are some people from Chhattisgarh you should know about?

Satyadev Dubey aka 'Pearl of Chhattisgarh'. He is a very well known Dramatist & Script writer in movies & also a drama director.

He was in his time the only dramatist who has selected dramas written in different languages & translated them into hindi and received widespread acclaim for them. Satyadev Dubey was born in Bilaspur. He was very fond of cricket & wanted to be a very well known cricketer & for that he went to Mumbai. While he was in Mumbai, he gets in touch of Ebrahim Alkazi, a very influential Indian theater directors, his life takes a turn. His devotion towards Indian theater made him an exceptionally good dramatist. After some time Ebrahim Alkazi went to Delhi to take the responsibility as the Head of National School of Drama. In absence of Ebrahim Alkazi, Satyadev beganto take care of his theatre in Mumbai.

Dubey Ji was a famous dramatist, he wrote the script of various dramas like "Pagla Ghoda", "Adhe-Adhure" & "Avam Indrajeet". But he got fame for his most famous script & drama "Andha Yug".
His Various Achievements are:-
Sangeet Natak Academy Award in 1971.
National Film Award for Best Screen Play in 1978.
Filmfare Best Dialogue Award for Film "Junun" in 1980.
Padmashree & Padmabhushan Award in 2011.
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