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What are the benefits of using PVC around the house?

Sujitha Jayaraj
Poly Vinyl Chloride commonly known as PVC is the second most widely used plastic in the world. It is a very versatile chemical with uses in various fields such as building and construction, electronics, healthcare, transportation, etc. The pipes in our house to the blood bags used in donation camps are composed of PVC. The cable insulation around wires, rain coats, fashion and sports equipment are all PVC combined products. Nowadays even doors, cupboards and many more household items are made of PVC. So, does this commonly used plastic have any benefits? Why is it so commonly used?

1. It can be stiff enough to make a door at the same time elastic enough to be the insulating cover of wires. The amount of versatility with one product is astounding, making PVC so widely used in a number of domains.
2. It is a very good insulating material, thermally and electrically. It’s thermal insulation is taken advantage of in making windows and door frames, pipes that carry hot water, etc. Vinyl windows have three times the insulation of Aluminum frames. Hence they help conserve energy by reducing electricity costs. It reduces the need for an AC, thanks to its insulating capacity.
3. It can withstand many conditions like drastic changes in temperature, dampness. Hence it can withstand tough conditions behind walls making it an ideal candidate for electrical insulation.
4. PVC being durable, flexible and unbreakable has multiple uses in healthcare. IV Bags and medical tubing are made of PVC. PVC blood bags are the foundation for blood banks, such a life saving measure.
5. Its lightweight feature makes it ideal for packaging. Cling wraps and zip-loc bags that are available over the counter are made of PVC. Rain coats, boots, shower curtains are all PVC products.
6. The icing on the cake is the affordability of PVC. It is very inexpensive and versatile, making it such a widely used product.
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