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What are some things I need to know about before renting a hall?

Mukul Singh, Bangalore
When renting a hall for any purpose, keep in mind to ask the following questions:

> What are the services that will be provided for the price? - For example, whether there is a catering being provided.
> Is there any deposit fee that I have to pay? - This is another question you need to ask. Most of the halls would in general take at least 25% of the total amount of the deposit fee. And the rest of the amount needs to be paid before the day of the event.
> What is the capacity of the reception hall? It is paramount importance that the guests you invite feel comfortable and the size of the hall plays a great part in this. An overcrowded hall or an empty under crowded hall are both not suitable. To avoid both of these situations from happening, prepare a guest list in advance and avoid an awkward situation.
> Ask whether the menu will be included and how it would be served? Whether the catering service would be provided? If so, what is the menu and what kind of dishes will be served?
> How many vehicles would be able to fit inside the parking lot? Are there any alternate areas to park vehicles? Would there be sufficient lighting? Will there be security guards monitoring the area to ensure the safety of vehicles?
> Are there any sort of restrictions of any kind? Like for how late into the night the event can go on or how loud the music can be? Are alcoholic beverages allowed?
> Would I be getting a copy of the contract? The proof of purchase will ensure that all the services that you paid for are being carried out. If not you use the proof to ensure that this is done?
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