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Whats are some advantages and Disadvantages of frame tent(Pipe Pandal) over normal tent(Bamboo pole)?

Until just a few years back many people used to set up tents using bamboo poles, but nowadays most tent houses use iron pole over bamboo poles. There are many reasons for that

1. Iron pole is firmer when compared to the bamboo pole. There is very less chance of this pole breaking over the normal bamboo pole. Especially in the case of heavy storms or any such adverse weather the iron poles show a much greater resistance over bamboo poles which could easily break under such conditions.

2. Uniformity: Iron poles are just like iron rods which are cast using the same kind of mold. So every pole is the same. It is not so for bamboo poles which occur naturally and are they cut down to make poles. Every pole might, therefore, be of different thickness lengths etc. This has a definite impact when setting up pandals. In general, pandals set up using iron poles are more uniform and therefore good looking over those set up using bamboo poles.

3. The pandals which are set up are interconnected to each other so as to provide more stability. Now for pipe pandals this stability offered is higher due to the iron poles involved. Due to this, it is very much possible to cover pandals over a very large area. In the case of bamboo pandals, we can set up pandals over a very low area due to the amount of weight it can support.

4. Pipe pandal is waterproof but the same can't be said for bamboo pandals. They start sagging if the weight of water is slightly higher than normal. So either the bamboo poles starts bending, the tarpaulin breaks or the bamboo pole breaks. Nothing of the sort happens if we use a pipe pandal.

5. There are lower odds of clothing tearing for a pipe pandal over a bamboo pandal.

6. Pipe pandals are easy to set up and take very less time.

Disadvantages of pipe pandal

1. The cost of pipe pandal is more than that of bamboo pandal.

2. Bamboo pandals are easier to transport and weigh less for poles of the same size

3. Although the set up of Pipe Pandals are easy to set up and installation, after the end of the event removing the pipe pandals take up a lot of time.
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