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What are some factors that decide how well an Air Conditioner will cool my room? How can I control it?

Cooling of your room does not just depend on your air conditioner. There are may other factors both internal and external that could affect the cooling of your room. If we can manage some of them we can even reduce the AC usage and thus reduce the electricity bill. These are some factors that I can think of

1. Location of your room: If your room is located right on the top floor of your building it would be much hotter than a room located at the bottom of the building. A POP false ceiling can help reduce the heat.Coating the roof with white cement is also another method to reduce the heat.
2. Number of electronic devices running in your room: All electronic devices generate a lot of heat when then run. So the greater the number of devices, the greater is the heat generated.
3. The current climate in your area.
4. Insulation of your room: If your room is not well insulated, say a door or window is open then the cool air can escape and it will influence the overall cooling of your room. Use curtains or thick blinds to over these areas if possible.
5. Number of people in the room.
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