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What are some interesting facts about the Taj Hotel in Mumbai?

Ankit Sharma, Bangalore
  • It was India's first five-star hotel 
  • It was the first building in Mumbai that was lit by electricity 
  • The Taj Mahal Palace hotel was opened on 16th December 1903. It had 17 guests on that day. It charged a then princely sum of INR 10 for single rooms and INR 13 for rooms with attached bathrooms and fans. 
  • The hotel was built by Jamshed Ji Tata at an estimated cost of around 250,000 pounds. 
  • During the world war 1, the hotel was converted into a 600-bed hospital. 
  • There is a story that the hotel was built by Jamshed Ji Tata out of spite because he was refused entry into the whites only Watson's Hotel, another of the cities grand hotels of the time. But it is considered as false rumours by many.
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