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Why is that women don't go bald but men do?

The bodies of men and women work differently with different structure, components and hormones. So the answer to your question lies in the first statement itself. But there is a slight correction to this. It is incorrect to say that women don't go bald. They also have a chance to go bald but only when they get much older.

The concept of balding revolves around the hormones secreted by the body. The male body secretes testosterone, which formulates a specific pattern of baldness by directly working on the hair follicles. Testosterone, that is secreted by the male body is at its peak level during puberty. It is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. This DHT is very harmful to the hair follicles. They don't directly cause any hair loss. But DHT restricts the ability of hair follicles to produce hair growth. The DHT attaches themselves to the receptor cells of the hair follicles and then prevents these follicles from acquiring proteins, vitamins and minerals for nourishment. With the lack of nourishment, the hair follicles start shrinking. This also means that the hair is produced at a slower rate. The growth stage of hair is now shorter. This means that thin hair is produced due to a lack of nourishment and after every cycle, lesser and lesser hair is produced until none is produced at all leading to baldness in men.
Now let’s come back to females. A female body also secretes testosterone. If you are wondering that why is it that women are not prone to baldness when both men and women produce testosterone, then you should also remember that the female body also produces certain female hormones like progesterone and estrogen along with testosterone. The production of these two hormones neutralizes the effect of testosterone in females. Thus, they are less prone to baldness and have no specific pattern of baldness. The level of progesterone and estrogen are generally high in female bodies than the male hormone. It is only after menopause one can be prone to baldness as the production of female hormones gets reduced.

But in some females, the level of testosterone is comparatively high. Thus, you could see some excessive facial hair growth or maleness in their voice. Such females are more prone to become bald when they grow old than others.

At the end of the day remember that baldness is a 'Game of Hormones' with testosterone being the main antagonist.
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