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Are bean bags really filled with beans? Is that a good idea, considering the current food-crisis in the world?

Shaswati, Bhubaneswar
Not just dried beans, it is teamed up with PVC pellets and expanded polystyrene or expanded polypropylene. Sometimes Styrofoam beans are used too. And don’t you worry, I am sure those are mostly beans that are not very edible.

You should make your peace with the fact that they really are one of the most popular furniture, nowadays. A Beanbag can be tagged as the most flexible, fluid-structured piece of furniture in your room. They add an instant fun element in your home. Despite accusations of causing back problems, they have emerged as the most modern and trendy chairs. Researchers proved that they do not cause back problems. In fact, they are quite comfortable if you have a weak back, for they give support to your back area irrespective of whatever posture you land on it in. They are for all age-groups. While kids love to sit on it and watch TV, elders can comfortably relax on it with a book and a glass of wine. If you are having a party at home, they are your easy-to-move, chic and funky chairs. Jump-land on it with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy movie marathons.

So, I think the world can instead deal with the food crisis by lessening wastage of food, by eating more sensibly, and following:-”Take all you can eat but eat all that you take”.
Beanbags should not be held guilty under such charges.
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