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Is it a good bet to have cardboard furniture in your home?

Ruchi Goel, Delhi
While most of us use wooden furniture, cardboard generally seems out of question. It might not last long, might tear apart, might not be able to take that much of weight, might not be durable, and so on, the myths go on and on.

Cardboard looks like wood and is still environmentally sound. Yes, you can sit, sleep, dine and put your feet up on cardboard furniture. You can even place that 70-inch television screen on top of a cardboard TV unit. Cardboard furniture may not weigh much, but the strength of cardboard can hold up under far heavier strains.

Cardboard is a strong and durable material. It is made from recycled paperboard and is itself recyclable when you get bored. It is long lasting, can be assembled easily, comes in a flat-pack and is softer and friendlier than wood or plastic. And it certainly is cheaper.

One of the most appealing attributes of cardboard is its versatility. Furniture can be easily assembled and disassembled and stored easily, making it extremely flexible. Cardboard furniture can be ideal to meet temporary needs or in developing countries.

From tables to shelves, nearly every piece of furniture can be made from cardboard. Several small start-up companies deliver the pieces of cardboard along with instruction manual as to how to put them together. The costumer then assembles the pieces of cardboard or disassembles them when it needs to be moved.

For pieces which are supposed to last longer, thicker material can be used, or thin cardboard pieces can be glued together. Cardboard furniture is can even be made waterproof by using appropriate coatings.

It is also possible to make this furniture on your own. You can use your own ideas and designs or you can take help from various online tutorials which are freely available.
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