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What are some things worth remembering when looking for Packers and Movers?

The items you transport through a packer and mover might hold a lot of material and emotional value to it. That why you need to be very certain when opting for a reliable packer and mover.

> The Cheapest option isn't always the best option out there.That is the first thing you should remember. One of the common forms of trickery in the business is regarding the weight of the items to be shipped. The lowest cost packers and movers might sometimes deliberately underestimate the cost of good involved only to have it revised later and change the costs. So instead of cost try going for higher weight estimates. This is due to the fact that movers with higher weight estimate are more likely to give you a more accurate answer than the lowest cost one.

> Another thing to remember is that while transporting stuff the destination is more important than the source. So make sure to find out if there is an office of the packer and mover in your new city if something goes wrong.

> When meeting the packers and movers, try a visit to their office. This will help you gauge how they work, their attitude etc. In addition, you get to know the quality of their packing, manpower, vehicles they use, branches etc.

> Ask whether they provide insurance on the goods being moved as well as for the damage policy.
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