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What are the different kind of public transportation is available in Raipur? How easy is it for a person to travel in Raipur?

Niteen Kumar, Raipur
Within the city itself, we have City Bus (Both Air Conditioned (AC) and Non Air Conditioned), Auto Rickshaw and Cycle Rickshaw. The auto rickshaws operate on both sharing and private basis so if you are in a hurry and cant afford any delay, ask the auto rickshaw for going on a private basis. Obviously it would be a bit expensive, especially for longer distances. If you are travelling outside Raipur and to nearby satellite towns of Durg-Bhilai or Tilda, Bhatapara etc you can consider taking local train. There is a narrow gauge train as well, going to Dhamtari, but very few people prefer that. There is a running joke that the driver of the narrow gauge train stops the train closer to his home, to pick up his tiffin! But it's definitely very slow.
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