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Why is it advised to carry an onion with you during Summer? How does it help?

During the month of May and June, a strong hot and dry air blows. The heat can cause temperatures to go over 45-degree Celsius and sometimes even break the 50 degree Celsius barrier. This severe heat and loo can cause various problems to the human body like severe dehydration, dizziness, heatstrokes etc. In order to avoid this one of the local remedies that have been followed for a long time is to always carry onions with you.

The normal body temperature of a human being is 37 degree Celsius. In the face of this extreme heat, our body temperature naturally increases. Onion is a natural coolant. When we keep the onion in a pocket it absorbs the excessive heat from our body and keep our body cool by maintaining our body temperature. In this manner, an onion protects us from heatstroke.
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