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Do I need a permit to put up a party tent?

Before organizing the party we have to take permissions from the authorities like:

1. Municipal Permission: If we have organized any party in a public place which is under the municipal corporation, then we have to get permission from the municipality.

2. Loudspeaker : Generally in a party there is a DJ which causes the noise pollution. So in order to get a DJ on the premises we need to have a copy of permission from the Tehsil office or Police Station to set up loudspeakers.

3. Electricity Board : For any party there is high voltage of current requirement. Our normal home connection cannot usually bear this kind of load. For this reason, we need to get the permission of the electricity board to set up a temporary meter for a few days to operate the systems. At the end of the event, you can inform the electricity board to withdraw the connection and the electricity board will charge according to the consumption.

All of the above-mentioned conditions need to be taken by the consumer himself. Otherwise, the concerned authorities have the right to take action against you like impounding the materials, large fines etc.
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