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Is a wedding planner necessary if my friends and family have offered to help plan and organise the wedding?

Piyush Tiwari, Raipur
Planning and organising for a wedding are not as easy as it sounds. Even with the help of friends and family, it would still take up a lot of your time, not allowing you, your family or friends to enjoy the wedding properly. Meanwhile, a wedding planner is an experienced and seasoned campaigner in the field who can do these things for you while you can enjoy the wedding.

A wedding planner though would be involved in the wedding process from day one and not just on the day of the wedding.  They would be involved in the planning process, helping you find the venue and suppliers and would be assisting you until the end of the wedding to ensure that there are no problems giving you, your friends and family the freedom to enjoy the wedding of your loved one.
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