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What are some of the best psychological thrilling TV series that one should watch?

Parinita Haldar, Pune
This is my favorite genre and I think I can give you some really good insight on this. Psychological thrillers are really up and about right now and some of the creators are really doing a good job in bringing out the best in this genre.

Dexter - This TV series adaption of the novel "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay is gripping, intense and really on top its game. The show ran for about 8 seasons and it was very well received by its audiences. The show revolves around Dexter, a forensic analyst working for the Miami Police who is a serial killer by night. The serial killer, who follows a very certain code only kills the bad guys who managed to have outrun the law.

Supernatural - This show revolves around two brothers who fight all supernatural beings on the planet and discover their origins. They fight to protect humankind and unravel untold truths of the Earth. The show is currently in its 11th season.

Gotham - This DC adapted TV series is of the time when Detective James Gordon takes to fighting the injustice in Gotham city before the birth of the "Batman". The series introduces many of the legendary DC villains and their primitive back stories.

Daredevil - This Marvel adapted TV series revolves around Mathew Murdock who is a blind lawyer. With his enhanced senses, he takes on crime in the night and is the city's newest vigilante.
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