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Are Disney animated features worth watching?

Megha Nagar, Delhi
Absolutely! I'd try not to let the Disney side of me overpower me while I answer this question, but you are bound to see some traces, so be prepared. As a Disney fanatic, I can guarantee that they promise a different perspective to life. You watch a movie, and you no longer see the world the same way again! Don't believe me? Try it for yourself!

These movies give some really awesome life lessons, one movie at a time. Wondering how cartoons can teach you stuff about life? Let me handle this, and I am sure you'd make up your mind not to miss out on the upcoming marvels by the time you reach the end of this article! Well, at least I hope you do! You should, actually!

TANGLED- This is the one I can watch over and over and over again without getting bored for even once! I, sure, do wish I could meet a real-life Eugene! Alright, I am just blabbering since many people here might not even know who Eugene is. He is a guy with the dreamiest eyes and the sexiest smile! Sorry, my Disney side just kicked in. Anyway, we all have heard about the German fairy tale, Rapunzel. Whoosh! This movie is the re-written version of this fairy tale. I'd spare you on the details and would rather talk about what this movie has taught me.

1. Be brave enough to try something new. There's always a first time you do something.
2. Never give up on your dreams. And when you finally fulfil them, go find new ones!
3. Always crave for new adventures in life, and you will finally see the light.
4. Do not forget to find a charming Eugene for yourself! *Teenage girl voice* EEEEPPP!!!

BRAVE- I'd just say that having a bear for your mother isn't very exciting, specially when YOU are the one who changed her into a bear. That's right, you're grounded! Even when your mum is a bear! Nobody escapes her wrath! So this movie taught me the following things-

1. Be who you are meant to be.
2. Never let the negative ambience overpower your positive strength.
3. Family is the world you live in. Do not try to change it. Ever.
4. Be BRAVE enough to face all the challenges. Specially when you are a young princess who loves archery but your mother wants you to get married and behave like a princess, for once! BLEH!
5. A princess does not always need a prince to save her along the way!

TOY STORY- What do you think your toys do when you are not around? Nothing, right? WRONG! Your toys could be driving your car, for all you know! THEY ARE ALIVE! No kidding. The following are the things that this trilogy (yeah, you have THREE FRIGGIN' MOVIES about your toys being alive) has taught me-

1. Friendship is the most precious gift you could give or receive. Never leave a friend behind.
2. Live your present in the happiest way possible! You do not know what the future has for you. But being all joyful today, sure pays!
3. Always make new friends along the way!
4. Acceptance and forgiveness are the keys!
5. The claw decides your fate. You have no idea about this one, right? Maybe end the curiosity by watching these awesome movies, yeah?

FINDING NEMO- So what would you do if your son got kidnapped and got shipped to a place that is miles away and on your journey to find him, you met a friend who claimed she knew where your son was, but sometimes forgot her own name? What would you do if you had to fight three sharks and a whole forest of jellyfish? You'd, sure as Hell, find your son, wouldn't you? You love him, right? This movie taught me to-

1. Just keep swimming! Swim through the obstacles in life! And stay happy, always!
2. Fight, if you have to! Do anything and everything to get what you want!
3. Always trust your parents. They love you!
4. And yeah, just keep swimming! I am sorry, this song is kinda stuck in my head now!

FROZEN- A princess born with the powers to turn anything into ice is not something you see everyday, right? This movie made me laugh, cry, and learn the following things about life-

1. Let it go! Accept yourself as you are! Do not care if you are different, for your differences are what make you unique.
2. Some people are worth melting for! Go, find them!
3. An act of true love can thaw a frozen heart!
4. Do not get deceived by looks. The most beautiful person can have the ugliest heart!
5. Reindeers are better than people. However, people smell better than reindeers! :D
6. Do you wanna build a snowman? Snowmen are really cool, actually! (Pun intended)

Do you want me to write more? I can, okay?
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