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What is the use of those small pockets that lie inside the front pockets of our jeans?

Mayank Kasar, Durg
Those small pockets are officially called 'fifth pockets'. They are also called coin pockets can be used to store change. But that is not what they were actually used for. The answer for that is Time.

You see the jeans were originally designed for people who used to work in a rugged environment like cowboys and miners. The late 1800's were a time when the Gold Rush was at its peak. It was a time when men would go out to the American Wild West in search of fortune.

Their nature of work required them to work in very harsh environments for months at a time. Normal clothing would get damaged pretty fast. they could not withstand such wear and tear. The rough and tough denims jeans were suited to their working conditions. It was a perfect marriage. An instant hit. A 'Kismat Konnection'.

The Jeans became very popular among miners and cowboys. It was also this popularity that gave birth to 'fifth pockets'. These miniature pockets were designed for keeping the pocket watches of cowboys. The ranches that cowboys used to manage at the time, covered many miles of area. They required their horses to cover these vast streches of land. Away from home for occasionally long periods of time they required their pocket watches. But there was a problem. The bumpy horse rides often resulted in the watches falling out of the large jeans pocket. The 'fifth pocket' tight enough to hold these watches were the solution.

The 'watch pockets' eventually got obsolete with the arrival the wristwatches. But despite this, most jeans still have pockets. It might the companies way of showing respect. But we still find use for it. I use it to hold my key and coins.
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