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In which market can I get goods at a low cost in Raipur?

Niteen Kumar, Raipur
Raipur has a lot of localities which are specifically known to specialize in a particular good.They have become the "go to" areas for those goods. There is the Marble market in Pachpedi Naka, Timber Market in Fafadih, Cloth Market in Pandri, Fruit & Vegetable Market in Lalpur and Shastri Bazar etc.

If it is Mobile goods that you are looking for you can try Lal Ganga Mall and Ravi Bhawan in Jaistambh. For Books and Jewellery it is Sadar Bazar. If it is Vehicle spare parts, Battery or Inverter Dealers that you are looking for then you should try Moudhapara. For Wooden Furniture you should try Tatyapara (badhai para) and for Plastic and Fibre based furniture you can try Gurunanak Chowk. For anything else there is Gole Bazar.
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