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What is the exam pattern for CLAT 2016?

Rajveer, Dantewada
The CLAT exam 2016 will have 200 questions with one mark awarded for every correct answer and .25 arks deducted for every wrong answer. The questions will be from five different sections the details of which are given below.

1. English Comprehension - There will be 40 questions from this section. It is meant to evaluate the candidate's grasp of the language and that will be tested through passages, word synonyms, grammar, sentence correction etc.
2. GK and Current Affairs - There will be 50 questions from this section with questions about the events that occurred during the past year.
3. Numerical Ability - With 20 questions in this portion of the exam, this section will test your knowledge of class 10th basic mathematics.
4. Legal Aptitude - This is an important section with 50 allotted to this it. there will be questions that tests the candidate's knowledge of law, ability to research and problem solving ability.
5. Logical Reasoning - There will be 40 questions allotted to this section with logical questions based on sequences, arguments etc.
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