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I am a second year Computer Science student and I am planning to study some additional courses during the coming vacation. Which courses would you suggest I focus on?

Puneet P, Raipur
As the famous phrase goes, it's futile being 'Jack of All Trades and Master of None'.

Since you are in second year, you would already know what you like/dislike by now in terms of computer programming. I suggest you to be focussed and concentrate on 1 area and / or language. Think about whether you like front end or back end, web or mobile development, windows or linux based technologies.

Front end: If you think you can do well in front end, think about learning and mastering
- HTML and CSS which is key for UI/UX
- PHP which is one of the most popular web programming languages with focus on packages like Laravel, Bootstrap etc
- Java Script and it's advanced forms like Node.js, Angular.js etc
- Android, if you are focussed on making your career in mobile development. Unsurprisingly, Android is the most in demand technology these days.

Back End: If you think you can do well in back end programming, think about learning and mastering:
- Java - One of the most popular technology platform that powers the bulk of web.
- C / C++ - Core programming languages that are core of many of the front end technologies.

Before I end, I will repeat - there are more software engineers than needed in market today, but very few of them are good (as in goooooooooood). Do a favour to yourself. Choose one language and master it.
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