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What are the things one should keep in mind when buying a home near a highway?

Ankit Sharma, Bangalore
  • If your home lies close to the highway, check up on the noise levels on the highway especially at night when you want to have a proper sleep. You might have to install specialised windows and sound barrier curtains to keep the noise levels in check.
  • In recent times we have been seeing that a lot of highways are being upgraded from 2-4 lane highways to 6-8 lane highways. In order to do this, the government needs to acquire the nearby land. So if your property is close to a highway, you might have to face issues because of this. So do a check with your developer as well as with the municipality on further highway development plans on the route.
  • Make sure that the developer has not made the building on any government land or agricultural land
  • Make sure the builder has taken the necessary environmental clearance necessary for construction.
  • Make sure that you have access to services like the market, hospitals schools etc. Make sure that these amenities like close to your home.
  • Make sure that there is the availability of water in the area.
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