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Shaildevi Mahavidyalaya Durg-Bhilai

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Why do all ayurvedic medicines taste bitter?

Mukul Singh, Bangalore
This is an incorrect statement. The fact is that some ayurvedic medicines do taste bitter. As for the rest, they can be sweet, sour, pungent etc. The taste of the medicines you consume depends mostly on the ingredients that are used to make them.

If this is for children you can depending upon the doctors suggestion, consume the bitter medicine along with honey. If you are not a child, then Man Up and swallow the bitter pill. After all, these medicines were prescribed by the doctor to get rid of the ailments that you suffer from. A medicine is not a candy. It is not a cure for your sweet tooth and therefore is not made as such. It is made to be effective against diseases or ailments and in such a scenario a bitter taste should be the least of your worries.
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