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Which are some of the largest spiders on Earth?

Megha Nagar, Delhi
SPIDERS! Just the word is enough to creep me out and go hide away in the corner of a dark room while shedding tears of blood! And just when I start to think I am okay, there I spot it! A stupidly scary spider staring at ME in MY room and ACTING LIKE IT PAYS RENT! Well, I always find myself to be lucky enough not to spot a huge, deadly one. I wonder if a small eight-legged creature can send chills down my spine, what a huge, like a horror movie huge, the spider would do!

But did you know that the quantity of spiders is so GIGANTIC that a human is never more than ten feet away from a spider- ever!

As an arachnophobic, I always have to keep an account of the newly found spiders and their sizes, so that just in case I encounter one,
I'll at least have the chance to identify which one it is, before running away at a speed of 100 km/hr!

Alright, now just consider yourself lucky that I can't post pictures.


It is a tarantula and it eats birds- BIRDS! Holy SHIT! If a spider can gulp down a bird, you can imagine how huge it could be! They can reach up to 1 foot in body length and their fangs are 1 inch long! They are either found in the rainforests of South America, or in aquariums at people's homes! PEOPLE KEEP THESE MONSTERS AS PETS! Okay, the good thing here is that at least their venom, no matter how painful the bite can be, is harmless to the human body. Well, is this a good thing?


These, again, can reach up to a foot long! Even worse, they have 6-inches long feet!!! They are native to Asia- though, I hope Delhi isn't good enough for them. Te worst thing about them is that they are really fast. Like, really fast! They can move around sideways, and even walk smoothly on perfectly smooth surfaces!


Haha! Pink? Haha! They are brown! They have pink hair, though! No, this pink is not cute. This pink is deadly because it disables their prey. However, they don't eat birds. They eat insects, lizards, and mice. And they have feet that are up to 10 inches long!


These spiders are just as scary as their name is! They live in Sri Lanka. They have a leg span of 8 inches, and can also inhabit people's homes! There, I just saved you your money to your trip to Sri Lanka! You, obviously, aren't visiting that place now, are you?


These spiders can have a leg span of up to 10.2 inches, and are also kept as pets! GOSH! WHY IS THE HUMAN RACE SO STUPID? Anyway, just like human parents, this spider's mother, too, sticks around with it until it is old enough to go to college.

Alright, that's enough spiders for today. Just remember one thing, a spider is always waiting for you in the vicinity. You cannot escape their terrible presence! However, don't kill them. They are horrible creatures, very useful for the ecosystem! JUST RUN!
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