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What are the serious effects of fast food on human health?

Jeshma Orusu, Hyderabad
Obesity: A lot of oil, preservatives and sugars are used in the preparation of fast foods. All these ingredients are highly rich in fat and will lead to increase in weight gain when consumed which can, in turn, lead to diabetes.

Heart problems: Fast foods contain a lot of saturated and trans fat that blocks the arteries preventing to and fro motion of blood. As a result, the risk of heart diseases increases.

Nutrients insufficiency: Fast food doesn’t contain all the essential nutrients required for the functioning of the human body. So, frequent intake of fast food may lead to various health disorders.

Tooth decay: Some of the fast foods have a high level of sugar content which damage the tooth enamel and will result in tooth decay and cavities.

Gastrointestinal Problems: Fast foods don't contain a good amount of fibre and fibre is very essential for proper digestion. Low intake of fibre may result in constipation and improper digestion.
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