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Who made the first Paani Puri?

According to the Mahabharata, the credit for making the first Paani puri would go to Draupadi. After Arjuna won the Swayamvara competition due to his skills in Archery, he along will his brothers and Draupadi go back their mother Kunti. On reaching the pace where they stay, Arjuna proudly announces to his mother that he has won something. Kunti who is inside the residence asks him to share the prize with his brothers without realising what the prize is. This leads to Draupadi marrying all five of the Pandavas. 

Later on, Kunti feels very worried by this particular action and is not sure whether Draupadi could remain the wife of all five brothers without creating any kind of rift between the brothers by showing any kind of favoritism. It was also a period of Van Vaas when resources were scarce and efficient utilisation of these limited resources was required of a wife. So, in order to test Draupadi, Kunti gave her some dough and potato which was only enough to make one roti. She then asked her to serve it to all five Pandavas. 

Draupadi then made five small puris topped with the potato masala. This dish was a hit among the Pandavas and any misconceptions Kunti had in her mind also vanished with it.
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