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What are the factors I need to look at when purchasing a used laptop?

Khushi Nayak, Bhilai
The following factors need to be looked at when purchasing a laptop.
1. Warranty: Look at whether the seller is offering any warranty. Also, ask the specifications and conditions of the warranty and in which all conditions the warranty might not be applicable.

2. Check the device by working on it like you would normally after purchasing it. Look at how fast/slow it is to respond. If possible look at the previous buyer history. For what purpose he used it and how frequently he/she used it. After all, you don't want a device that is all worn down after heavy usage.

3. Check as much of the hardware as you can. For example, check the battery. This is because batteries are the hardware that needs replacement most commonly when buying a used device. Check how long it lasts and whether it has any problems. Similarly, check for other parts like the touchpad, keyboards, CD drive, USB ports, audio inputs, ethernet/LAN ports, wifi etc. Make sure that all of them are in working condition.

4. try and get a friend who knows a lot about these devices to come ith you when buying. After all, they might be able to see certain problems that you did not see.
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