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What are the effects of permanent straightening on hair?

Hair straightening has both pros and cons.

Pros :
1. The hair looks straight and gives a real good look and is ready for a glam, casual, party, any kind of look.
2. Changes your appearance altogether and adds to the beauty of your personality.
3. The hairs after straightening are frizz free and gives a lesser trouble to you.
4. The hairs don’t strangle among themselves as your normal hair does. So it is pretty easy to manage them.
5. It allows you to do a wide range of experimentation with the straightened hair can be easily braided or moulded in the way one wants to and get a perfect hairstyle.
6. The hair gets a symmetric look after the straightening. And thus, there are no hills and mountains formed in the head while making out styles.
7. Straightening gives a sleek, shiny, straight and manageable appearance and doesn’t need blow dry or straightener after every wash.
8. Every morning after you get up you would see that your hair would make a different kind of hairstyle every time until you comb it down. This is usually a very difficult and time-consuming process. But after straightening, you need not care about the mess of each morning.

Cons :
1. One of the most common disadvantages of hair straightening is the dryness of hair. Since the hair is chemically treated and those chemicals are really harsh on the hair, they take away all the moisture of the hair.
2. There are slight chances of developing an allergy. The hard chemicals used to permanently straighten the hair are in general not good for the scalp and the hair follicles. Thus, one can be really prone to develop an allergy. Redness , itchiness, scraps and irritation in the scalp are the common symptoms.
3. Having the same style every single day, day in and day out can be very boring. It can lead to a bit of irritation and frustration os having the same old look with no scope of changing them immediately.
4. Another severe con of straightening is hair fall. The chemicals are so strong that they make the hair weak from the roots and hence the hair fall becomes a real issue. Any product or therapy cannot prevent the hair fall.
5. The straightening also flattens the hair thus making it appear like your hairs have thinned. They are less volume able and looks like a thin streak of hair sticking to your head. The hair fall you might experience also adds to the thinning look of the hair.
6. They hair looks good for first 6 months but as the time passes it starts looking like you have worn a wig over your head and carrying everywhere. It looks very unnatural at times.
7. Also after a certain time when the new hair starts growing from the scalp, it grows in its original form (wavy, curls, straight etc) and mixes with the permanently straightened hair. Thus, this mingling of the hair gives it a very shabby and messy appearance and this doesn't look good at all.
8. After hair straightening, the hair requires a very high maintenance. Only specific products (shampoos, serum, conditioner, oil) can be used and no other product than prescribed can be used. Those products prescribed are really expensive and increases expenditure drastically. Also, a certain amount of spa and therapies are necessary to keep the hair shiny and smooth and maintain properly which again adds to your pocket.
9. You generally lose the natural bounce of the hair. It looks faker than anything. You don’t get the same shine you had previously.
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