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How did 'Selfie' become so popular?

Shaswati, Bhubaneswar
It is still a blur and just a matter of guess. But I fashion, it is coined by a true narcissist. Some websites say that Australia claims to be the birthplace of the word ‘Selfie.' A drunken young dude happened to have fallen lip first and posted a selfie of his injured lips and mentioned the word online for the first time.

Australians have always been fond of trimming their words with the ‘ie’ suffix. Mushie for mushrooms, Barbie for Barbeque (that’s a weird pair!) and then this. Cheers to their colloquialism. Little did they know, that what would happen soon after, could be described nothing short of a Selfie Mania. Everywhere you see, you find people engorging in this tradition.

The act of taking a photograph of oneself has been prevalent before this incident. Haven’t you seen Mr. Bean do it? But it became popular and cool, much later. It is basically a result of the enthusiasm that followed the introduction of front facing camera of iPhone 4 in 2010. Then mobile apps like Instagram and Snapchat added fuel to the fire. In 2012, Selfie was listed in the ‘top 10 buzzwords of the year’ by Times Magazine.

The fact that they are so easy to click and share is added factor to its popularity. Nothing can beat the lack of dependence in selfies. One can choose their best angle of view, their most liked expression and so on. As people began to love and pamper themselves more and more, Selfies crowded the internet.
New ideas like pout selfie, duck-face selfies, fish-gape, bathroom selfies and also a close relative of Selfie- the Usie ( a whole group of people in the frame) cropped in.

The Internet is more powerful than we give it credit for. Innovation sells like hotcakes. We can expect a lot many unusual things to become hip before we know it.
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