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Is it true that plastic can now be converted to petrol and diesel?

Yes. There was a recent breakthrough by the scientists at the Indian Institute of Petroleum in Dehradun due to which we can in future be able to convert plastic into high-quality petrol and diesel using suitable catalysts. LPG is another by-product that will be produced. This is a technology that is currently only available in Germany, Japan and the US.

IIP Director MO Garg said that the institute has applied for a patent for this technology. He said that the fuel that would be generated through this process are of high quality that would meet even the Euro III Standards. The Diesel obtained through this process almost zero diesel content which can not just reduce emissions from vehicles but also increases mileage by up to 2 kilometres for every litre. This technology also has the possibility to reduce the current oil prices from INR 70-80/litre to INR 30-40/litre.

There is currently large amounts of solid waste being generated in our country every day with plastic products being a significant contributor to this problem. This technology could help pose an answer to this problem.
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