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What are the reasons for the circuit breaker in our house to keep tripping?

Shiva Das, Raipur
There are in general 3 reasons for the circuit breaker in your home to trip.

1. Overload: If you are using too many devices that consume a lot of power on the same circuit, this could cause the circuit breaker to trip. A 15 ampere circuit is not going to suppot 20 amperes.

An overload could be solved by either switching off some of the appliances connected to the circuit or just connnecting these devices to another circuit. Overheating of any electrical appliance could also cause this since it would cause the device to pull more ampere than usual.

2. Short Circuit: Another reason for this is a short circuit which is caused when a phase wire gets into contact with the neutral. When the two-wire come in contact with each other a large amount of current starts flowing causing the circuit breaker to trip. A short circuit is comaparatively more dangerous and causes a large amount of heat to be generated that can cause burning. It can be identified by the burning smell or brown or black colours nar the wiring caused by burning. One of the leading causes for short circuits are improper wiring.

3. Ground Fault. This is caused when the phase wire comes into contact with the ground wire.
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