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What are some maintainance tips for a refrigerator?

Given below are some tips to keep your fridge fully functional.

1. Clean condenser coils - Condenser coils which are located at the back of a fridge are designed to remove the heat produced in a fridge. With the passage of time dust and dirt can attach itself to those coils making it more difficult to remove the heat. Other than increasing the electricty usage it can also cause damage to the fridge if it is not taken care of. So make sure that you clean the coils at least once a year. You can look at the user manual provided by the manufacturer for instructions.

2. Check the Fridge Door seal - Make sure that the seals on the fridge door are tight. A loose seal can cause the cool air in the fridge to leak outside while allowing warm air to seep in at the same time. This results in a decrease of the cooling efficiency and an increase the electricity bills. Take a INR 10 rupee note and close the fridge door on it such that a part of the note is outside while the other part is inside the fridge. If you find that you can easily pull out the note the those seals might require some cleaning or repair.

3. Open fast. Close faster - Many of us have this habit of pondering about what to take out after opening the fridge. Should we take out those fruits or make vegetable salad? Should we take milk or juice or do we want to drink water? That momentary pause might increase the electricity bill contribution from the fridge by almost 5% to 10%. Forgetting to close the door can cause a hole in your wallet.

4. Defrosting - When the frost starts accumulating in the freezer section, itcauses the cooling efficiency to drop and also reduces the available freezer space. So if you find that the layer of ice on your freezer has a thickness of more than one centimetre then it is time to defrost the fridge. So remove all the food from the fridge, switch it off and allow the ice to melt. Defrosting though is not necessary for the newer self defrosting refrigerators.

Post the defrosting remove all the water that has accumulated in the pan kept below the fridge so as to remove any foul odours and prevent the growth of bacteria. Give the fridge a good cleaning before putting the food back in.

5. Cleaning the Fridge- Use a cloth that has been dipped in warm water for cleaning for the spillage and crumbs.

6. Keep the fridge filled up- A full fridge means there is less space for air. So every time we time open the fridge there is less transfer between the hot and cold air. A fuller fridge means that less hot air will be left inside to cool on closing the fridge resulting inimproved efficiency.

7. Power Cuts: In case of power cuts don't open the fridge unless it is abslutely necessary. This is because the cold air still remains inside the fridge. So an unopened fridge can keep the food safe for many hours.
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