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How does tooth decay start?

1 user answered

Shweta Kalgi, Bangalore
User, Level 7 Contributor
The tiny food particles that get stuck on your teeth can turn into acid because of bacteria which would then eat away at the enamel, dentine and then eventually the pulp causing tooth decay and a very painful toothache.
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What are some tips to prevent the decay of tooth?

1 user answered

Shweta Kalgi, Bangalore
User, Level 7 Contributor
  • Make sure to eat food with vitamins and minerals
  • Don't eat sweet food between meals
  • Bush your teeth twice a day in the morning and at night before you go to bed.
  • Go for a dental checkup at least once in 6 months.
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What are some of the best institutes in India for Cost Accountancy?

1 user answered

Taran Luthra, Bilaspur
User, Level 8 Contributor
The best institutes for Cost Accountancy in India are:

  • The Institute Of Cost and Works Accounts of India, Kolkata.

  • Northern India Regional Council of the ICWAI, New Delhi.

  • Western India Regional Council of the ICWAI, Mumbai.

  • Southern India Regional Council of the ICWAI, Chennai.

  • Eastern India Regional Council of the ICWAI, Kolkata.
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Why should a student study cost accountancy?

1 user answered

Taran Luthra, Bilaspur
User, Level 8 Contributor
In a firm, there are usually three main areas which are basically the operations, marketing and finance. because the three areas are interrelated with each other, one needs to take any strategic management decisions based on these 3 areas. Cost management helps its students take up these modern tools of management and help the firm take strategic decisions relating to the economic activities of the firm. Nowadays because of the competitive market, the price cannot be easily changed, it is the cost that is controlled in order to retain the firm's profit. Cost Accountancy helps its students learn about cost control and reduction.
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What is the nature of the job of a cost accountant?

1 user answered

Taran Luthra, Bilaspur
User, Level 8 Contributor
They have to navigate managerial decisions, stabilising budgets and standards, assess operational efficiency and the effectiveness of production and service management, identifying accountability for profit variance etc.

The responsibility of a cost accountant include:

  • To design and implement effective management information and control systems

  • Planning costing systems and methods.

  • Inventory control incorporating mathematical models,

  • Investment analysis,

  • Project management,

  • Internal audit and cost audit,

  • Diagnosis in the case of sick industries,

  • Fund management,

  • Pricing and Planning,

  • Helping the management take the right strategic decisions.
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What does a cost accountant do as part of their job?

1 user answered

Taran Luthra, Bilaspur
User, Level 8 Contributor
A cost accountant is responsible for the collection, assimilation, collation and analysis of the financial information on all areas of the organisation. It is the job of the cost accountant to ensure that the managerial decisions made by the company are within the cost limits. They are also expected to give analysis on projects undertaken by the company based on the past and present financial performance. So they have to take into account factors like the cost of raw materials, labour, transport, overheads etc. Information on the above factors helps the cost accountant prepare budgets for the operation.
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Can you describe the PEI method in detail which is used to measure the Abrasion resistance for glazed tiles?

1 user answered

Saurabh Bhondekar, Bhilai
User, Level 9 Contributor
The PEI method divides glazed tiles into 5 scales in order to differentiate between the abrasion resistance. The details are given below:

Group I: Tiles coming under this group are only suited for areas with light or no foot traffic. Wall tiles usually come under this group. Tiles in this are very rarely used as floor tiles.

Group II: These tiles can be used in medium level traffic areas in your home.

Group III: Tiles that come under this group can be used everywhere in your home.

Group IV: Tiles with the level of abrasion resistance can be used in homes as well as in commercial areas with light to medium traffic.

Group V: They can be used in any residential and commercial place.
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What are the new rules which the government is planning to introduce in the Pet trade industry?

1 user answered

Narendra Sahu, Bangalore
User, Level 8 Contributor
To start with, pet shops would now require permissions from notified agencies in order to run pet shops and breeding centres. 

  • Pet shop owners would have to get registered with local municipal bodies.

  • For commercial breeders, they would have to get registration from the Animal Welfare Board of India.
  • Breeders would also have to provide all records of breeding which should also be given to the buyer. 

  • Violation of these rules could incur fines and cancellation of licenses.
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Why is it that in all iPhone advertisements, they have time displayed at 9:41 AM?

1 user answered

Taran Luthra, Bilaspur
User, Level 8 Contributor
This is because all Apple keynote events start at 9:00 AM in the morning, with the unveiling the product around 40 minutes into the presentation with an additional minute provided to cover for any delays.

The time actually used to 9:42 initially. And the first time it happened was in 2007 when Steve Jobs announced the release of the very first iPhone. Around 42 minutes into his address, Steve Jobs said

"Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone"

And then a picture was displayed that showed the very first iPhone with time set at 9:42 AM. It was in 2010 that the time was changed from 9:42 AM to 9:41 AM.
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What is the evaluation process like for IELTS?

1 business and 1 user answered

IELTS was started in the year 1989 and is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for Non-Native English Language Speakers across the Globe. It is one of the major English-language tests in the world for study, work and immigration, the other being the TOEFL.

It is a Pen-Paper based test & is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment. It is accepted by most Australian, British, Canadian and New Zealand academic institutions, by over 3,000 institutions in U.S.A. and by more than 9000 organizations worldwide.

IELTS is the only Secure English Language Test approved by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for visa customers applying both outside and inside the UK. It is also a requirement for immigration to Australia and New Zealand.

Two Versions of IELTS:

AcademicGeneral Training
For candidates wishing to study
at undergraduate or postgraduate levels 
in an English speaking country
For candidates wishing to migrate
to an English speaking country 
(Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK)

IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training are designed to cover the full range of ability from non-expert to expert user. It tests the ability to Listen, Read, Write and Speak in English. There is also a separate test offered by the IELTS test partners, called IELTS Life Skills:

IELTS Life Skills is intended for those who need to prove their English speaking and listening skills at Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels A1 or B1 and can be used to apply for a ‘family of a settled person’ visa, indefinite leave to remain or citizenship in the UK.

Ongoing research ensures that IELTS remains fair and unbiased. Test writers from different English-speaking countries develop IELTS content so it reflects real-life situations.

IELTS test structure

Held in four parts
Total time: 2 Hours and 45 Minutes
Listening30 Mins (plus 10 mins)
Reading60 mins
Writing60 mins
Speaking11-14 mins

Listening, Reading and Writing
 are completed in one sitting. The Speaking test may be taken on the same day or up to 7 days before or after the other tests. Speaking test date is usually communicated 5 days before the main exam date, so if you are booking a test date and venue away from your home location, stay prepared for last moment rush.

TRF (Score Card)

Test scoreNegative MarkingValidityMinimum Score
0-9 Band scoresNo negative marking2 yearsNo minimum score, 
any score above 6.5 is mostly acceptable, 
but depends on other Core Human Factors, 
Education and Experience

Understanding IELTS bands

Band scaleLevel of competency
Band 9Expert User
Band 8Very good user
Band 7Good user
Band 6Competent user
Band 5Modest user
Band 4Limited user
Band 3Extremely limited user
Band 2Intermittent user
Band 1Non user
Band 0Did not attend the test

Age Limit

16 or above 
No age limit

Test Location and Dates:

Test takers can take IELTS in more than 140 countries and in over 1,000 locations. The number of test centres found in India is: 80 (BC+IDP), 
There are 48 fixed test dates available per year. Each test centre offers tests up to 4 times a month depending on local demand. The Academic version is available on all 48 dates per year (mostly on Saturdays & Thursdays) and the General Training version is available on 24 dates. 

Suppose one does not get the required scores in IELTS and wishes to retake the exam so he/she can re-sit the test as many times as per wish on next available date.

Statistics (As on 11 Jan 2017)

Average score of Indians (Academic)
Source: IELTS-Researchers- Test taker performance 

Average score of Indians (GENERAL TRAINING)
Source: IELTS-Researchers- Test taker performance
More details here www.kritarthaacademy.com
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