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How did Bluetooth technology get the name 'Bluetooth'?

Mukul Singh, Bangalore
The technology that we call Bluetooth today was given the name based on the famous Viking king of Denmark, Harald Gormsson who ruled Denmark from AD 958 to AD 970 who had united Denmark and Norway. Like most kings of the age, he also had a nickname. And this nickname was Bluetooth. The reasons for this nickname are up for debate but most historians believe that this was due to him having a blue tooth.

And Unity was what the wireless communication in the mids 1990s needed as well.

Back then every company was using different standards for wireless communication which began to pose a problem for widespread adoption of this wireless technology. There was a need to adopt a uniform standard for this technology. So in 1996, Intel, Nokia, Ericsson and IBM decided to create a single wireless standard. By 1997 they had finalized the standard, but they just couldn't agree to a name. It was an Intel engineer Jim Kardach who came up the name 'Bluetooth' for the technology since the technology was just like the king who had united Denmark.

Jim thought that the name 'Bluetooth' would be a good codename for the technology while they figured out a good name. While using Bluetooth as a codename, there were a lot of names that was thought of for the technology including flirt which implied that devices could get close to each other without touching. Finally, when it was time to finalize, the companies decided to use Intel's name for the technology as the official name. It was PAN which stood for Personal Area Networking.

But then it was found that PAN posed an SEO problem since searching for the word resulted in innumerable results cropping up,which they thought could eventually cause trademark issues. It was at that point that they decided to use the codename Bluetooth as the official name and the rest is history.
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