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What were oddest things recommended as medicine in order to cure illnesses?

It started in 1874 when a chemist named Charles Wright discovered a drug while he was experimenting with morphine. But after running a few experiments with the drug on animals he decided to not go ahead with this project of his.

24 years later another chemist named Felix Hoffman, working at Bayer, managed to produce this drug again. He found that this new drug was more effective than morphine. So Bayer decided to go ahead with the production of this drug rather than another drug Aspirin that was developed at the same time.

They found that this new drug was more effective than any other medicine of the time as a cough medicine and pain killer. It was also found to be non-additive when considering drugs like morphine which were very addictive. This drug was considered the best choice for diseases like asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis etc. This was because, at the time, TB and pneumonia were among the world's leading causes of death and the people affected by these diseases were plagued by a cough. It was also found to be an excellent sedative and best of all it was not considered to be non-addictive.

After animal testing, this drug was also tested on humans to assure the safety of the drug. The on whom the drug was tested said they felt that this new drug made them feel heroic. And this the drug was given the name we all know it now by. Heroin.

Heroin which was then considered a major moment in medical history was launched by 1898. It proved to be a major hit and soon enough there were Heroin cough syrup, Heroin tablets, and many other similar medicines. At the end of its first year Heroin had customers in over 23 countries and over one ton of it was produced by Bayer.

It took 15 years by which time its harmful and additive effects were discovered that Bayer finally decided to stop producing Heroin. But by then the damage was already done.
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