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Why are Bermuda Shorts so called?

Ram Kumar, Rajnandgaon
During the World War 1 when the British set up their North American HQ in Bermuda. Because Bermuda had a tropical climate that made the sweltering summer heat unbearable for the British Officers posted there.

The story goes that there was a tea shop in the area which was visited by the British Officers. The summer heat and the temperature of the steaming teapots made the tea shop even hotter. In order to provide some relief to his employees, the owner took their khaki trousers and then cut them just above the knee.

This was noticed by the Rear Admiral Mason Berridge, who decided to adopt a similar style for his officers who aptly named it the "Bermuda Shorts". The new style became popular and soon British officers across the world serving in tropical climates began to adopt this smart looking version of their military attire. The people of Bermuda took notice as well and soon enough tailors began to copy this style and modified it for civilian use and thus Bermuda Shorts became the standard business attire for the locals.

Bermuda was a very popular tourist destination of the time and the tourists arriving there for a vacation helped further spread this style to the rest of the world.
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