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Don't you think there is something wrong with our education system? We study so many things in school that we do not need in our lives, take science for example. I plan to take on literature after my 10th, what is the point of me studying it?

There are a lot of advantages to our method of teaching. If you plan on taking literature after your schooling, go ahead. It is a good thing to learn science to an extent though.

1) We are thought a lot of subjects: Unlike other education system we don't have many choices as in which subjects to take till we complete high school. In a way it is good , we get basics of diverse topics.
2) We have test conducted every month during our education period to find out how much have we learned. Believe me, many hate it,but there is a good side. Tests help us understand chapters in depth , memorize them and retrieve it when needed. In other words, we learn by our self how to priority topics and the way to remember them. We do this for like many years, by the end of schooling we are masters at it.

This kind of learning helps us in gaining basic information. I do think that the education system must lean more towards practical application after a certain stage. By that I mean at college level, where instead of focusing on theoretical exercises we could move towards a more involving syllabus structure.
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