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How to prepare for IIT at the level of class IX?

Rahul Ranjan
To be very frank, I even didn’t know what IIT-JEE was until I passed class 10th board examinations and had to decide between going for either PCM or PCB stream.

But, it seems younger generation is quite ahead and conscious about making their way to the prestigious IITs. At the very outset, I can say that try to understand the basic fundamentals of all subjects thoroughly, particularly Mathematics and Science. This will help you to get a better grasp of the subjects which you are going to study in Class 11th and 12th.

At the same time, I would advise you to relish your childhood and school days too, the importance of which you will realize later in your life. That being said, if you are too anxious about utilizing your spare time, then you can start preparing for various Olympiads and competitions like NTSE, IMO/RMO, NSTSE. You can also start solving puzzles and Sudoku to further hone your mental acumen.

Do pay attention to all the concepts being taught in the school and practice as many problems as you could. However, if you are too eager to prepare, then you can also consider joining various coaching institutes like FIITJEE, Bansal Classes, Akash, Resonance, Allen etc., offering IIT-JEE pre-foundation courses for class 9th and 10th.

However, I would not recommend you to join any coaching classes at this early stage. What you could probably do is to enroll in distance learning courses offered by these institutes, where you get all the coaching material, books, and test-series. You can start going through these materials and books. Try to solve various MCQ’s while keeping an eye on the time taken by you to solve various practice sets. Time –management is quite essential for any examination and probably, this skill will get you miles ahead of others.

To further give you a glimpse of which chapters/topics of Class 9th and 10th are very important for IIT-JEE preparations and act as a precursor to chapters being taught in Class 11th and 12th, some of the topics of class 9th &10th sharing direct similarity with IIT-JEE syllabus are:

1) Physics

Newton’s Law, Force, Gravitation, Work, Energy & Power, Motion, Properties of Matter, Sound, Optics, Structure of an Atom, Electricity, and Magnetism

2) Maths

Trigonometry, Co-ordinate Geometry, Quadratic Equations, Probability

3) Chemistry

States of Matter, Molecular Structure and Chemical Bonding, Atomic Structure

At last, I would also advise you to concentrate on your board exams too apart from indulging in serious IIT-JEE preparations. And, remember that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. So, do have fun too apart from studies and also engage in various extra-curricular activities and build memories that you can cherish throughout your life
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