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What are different types of spa therapy?

There are varieties of Spas which can be listed below. A Spa is a way of relaxation and bringing out the tension and stress out of your body. There are many kinds of Spa Therapy available, some of which are given below.

1. Traditional Spa- It is used to enhance the beauty, improving health, relaxation etc using the medium of Jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna. It also includes hydrotherapy circuits, swimming pools, fitness center etc at times.

2. Ayurvedic Spa- Ayurvedic Spa focuses on the ayurvedic method of treatment using natural ingredients. They believe in one health, selflessness and uses the herbal oils as products for the spa treatment. In addition to the spa treatment, a diet would also be suggested according to the ayurvedic methods.

3. Medical Spa- This includes an environment which is calm and quite. This treatment is dealt by the professional doctors like the physiotherapists, osteopaths, and aestheticians. They handle the daily sessions of the spa while focusing on two aspects - the individual well-being and aesthetic enhancement.

4. Thermal Spa- As the name suggest these spas involve water treatment. The best thermal spas are ideally located near hot springs and natural geysers. The waters of these hot springs have a lot of minerals present in them which can provide a lot of benefits to us. The heat from the thermal waters increases blood flow and body metabolism, bringing improved nourishment to vital organs and muscles and aiding digestion, whilst removing unwanted toxins from the body.

5. Hammam Spa- The Hammam allows refreshing essential oils to be infused in the air as the steam is absorbed through your pores, helping to cleanse and relax you and release built-up stress and toxins.

6. Hot Stone Massage- This type of therapy involves smooth, heated stones of different shapes and sizes, placed on various muscles or used an as extension of the therapist’s hands to massage the body. Hot stone massages can vary in their style. In general, the therapist warms up your body with traditional massage techniques and then uses the hot stones to aid the massage. The heat is deeply relaxing and allows the therapist to work on muscle tension at the deepest level. This therapy helps to improve circulation, relieve any aches and pains and reduce stress and anxiety and can be found as part of a scheduled wellness programme on a detox holiday.

7. Destination Spa- Some of the travel services nowadays provide packages for the tourists that are solely meant for relaxation with spa treatment packages included in them. The tourists are provided with spa treatments including lectures about fitness activities, centers for fitness training, food fitness cuisines, holistic exercise classes etc. It stresses more on the destination for the spa treatment more than the methods of treatment.

8. Relaxation and Pampering Spa- This spa involves the spa treatments in the hotels itself. They have specific centers and doesn't provide services beyond that. They focus mainly on the relaxation of the customers and in enhancing beauty. They include body massage, hydrotherapy circuits and thermal circuits to treat a customer.
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