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Are all marriages really 'made in heaven'?

Rini Chandra, Allahabad
With no offense to the sentiments of any of my friends reading this, I beg to disagree. We have all grown up listening to this sentence-‘Marriages are made in heaven’. But is it really so? Well, I have a different opinion.

Marriages are not always made in heaven, or in hell, for that matter. They are all made on earth, as a bond that brings together the souls of two mortal human beings. Marriage is an institution that brings two people and their families together in a life-long bond.

But all marriages, practically speaking are made on earth. Any marriage, nevertheless, can still be said to be ‘made in heaven’. But it all depends on us human beings. The fundamental ingredients in the recipe of a happy marriage are mutual trust, respect, love, care, understanding and natural compatibility. If these pillars of a marriage crumble, then it can never be a happy marriage, or in this context, a ‘marriage made in heaven’. In fact, ask the people who are estranged in such relationships, or have separated. They would rather tell you that their marriage was probably made in hell, due to the misery they went through. If all marriages were ‘made in heaven’, we would never get to hear such things.

Happy marriages are beautiful to see, undoubtedly. It is heart-warming to see true love blooming and existing between two people. But to ensure that every marriage is a happy marriage, or a marriage ‘made in heaven’, we really need to let the two people involved get to know each other. We need to make an effort to ensure that the qualities of a happy marriage are present in their relationship.

So here’s to all the happily married couples out there-may your love live forever, and kudos to you for turning your ‘made on earth’ match into a ‘marriage made in heaven’!
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