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How did the famous Indian sweet "Rasgulla" come into existence?

Rini Chandra, Allahabad
Well, there are several theories about the origin of the rasgulla, or roshogolla, as many call it, and there is a perpetual debate over it, especially between the Odias and the Bengalis.

As per the Odias, the rasgulla originated in ancient times, in the holy city of Puri. Traditionally, it is offered to Goddess Lakshmi as bhog, at the Jagannath Temple in Puri. According to the local legend, once Goddess Lakshmi’s husband, Lord Jagannath went on a 9-day long rath yatra without her consent. She was upset with this, and hence locked the entrance of the temple to prevent Her husband and His convoy from entering it. Hence, in order to appease her, Lord Jagannath offered her rasgullas. This ritual is a part of a tradition known as Niladri Bije.

But Bengalis have a counter-argument to it. According to food historians, there are no references to cheese (including chhena) in India before the 17th century. Milk-based sweets then were mainly made of khoa, and cheese-based sweets came much later because of the influence of the Portuguese. Hence, offering a cheese-based sweet at the Jagannath temple, as early as the 12th century seems unlikely. Rasgulla hasn’t even been mentioned as a part of the Chappan Bhog in the early records of the temple. It has also been stated that it would have been a blasphemy to offer something made from spoiled milk (chhena) to a deity.

In present-day West Bengal, this delicacy has been believed to be introduced by a Kolkata-based confectioner Nobin Chandra Das. He started making rasgullas by processing the mixture of chhena and sooji in boiling sugar syrup. This is the most popularly believed theory.

This debate may not end any time soon. But even thought Indians are divided on this topic, the love for this delicacy will never diminish. A rasgulla, in all its lovely sweetness, is meant to please people with its amazing taste. So no matter where it has originated from, don’t stop yourself from enjoying it!
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