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Why is an electric bike or scooter not as popular as an electric car?

Shiva Das, Raipur
Electric Bikes aren't popular at all. That that might just change in the future. Ather, an Indian automobile firm has just introduced a new electric scooter. The S340. Here are some interesting stats about the vehicle.

> A top speed of 72 km/hr makes it one of the fastest electric scooters in the market.
> It has a range of 60 kilometres from one reharge. And this is while carrying a weight of 300 kilograms. The lower the weight, the more the range increases.
> Weight is a big issue for electric bikes. In order to increase the range the body of the S340 has been made with a hybrid aluminium frame. It is lighter than similar petrol based scooters.
> The S340 uses a Lithium Ion battery instead of the Lead Acid battery. This solves a lot of problems that is associated with electric scooters.The battery in this machine can charge upto 80% within an hour. This battery last long as well. It needs replacement only after 50,000 kilometres.
> An electronic dashboard with a digital speedometer, navigation and battery tools. It can calculate your routes based on your riding habits.
> It leaves a smaller carbon footprint that a comparable petrol based scooter.
> The founders of the firm have assured that buyers of the vehicle will have a charging station installed in their homes for faster charging.
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