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What are the some reasons due to which people dont like to wear helmets?

Helmets are meant for safety, but in spite of this many people don't prefer wearing helmets. The reasons for not wearing a helmet vary with the society you are living in, with the type of vehicle you are riding and the average distance you travel per ride. Some of the reasons are below :

1. Blocks vision and hearing - Helmets many a time, blocks our awareness especially our auditory and visual perception. The auditory perception is impaired because of the helmet covering our ears while our vision is limited to peripheral vision.

2. Looks- Wearing helmets makes you look awful. It disturbs your hairstyle and hinders us from wearing any accessories . It directly impacts on the looks and personality and so people who are very image conscious don't prefer wearing helmets.

3. Injuries- Helmets only safeguard the skull and not for any other body part. In fact, because helmets add more weight to your head. So if you meet with an accident, there are higher chances of an injury to the neck which can sometimes be serious.

4. Summer - During hot summer days, it becomes real torture to wear a helmet. Waves and waves of sweat pour out of your head and accumulates in your hair making you feel quite uncomfortable. This sticky situation can mess up our looks, hair and makeup.

5. Breathing- Some of the helmets hinders the entry of air. This can cause breathing problems and lack of oxygen which at times can even lead to suffocation. Severe cases can cause blackouts and loss of consciousness.

6. Weight- Some people find the helmet too heavy for them hence those chicken heads don't use helmets to protect themselves or follow the helmet rule.
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