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What are the criteria we need to look at when buying a beanbag?

Shape: A bean bag comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. The most common of these are the teardrop, sack, armchair and the cylinder shapes. Of these in case you prefer comfort, go for sack shape. This shape is a popular one that is preferred by one and all. For a chair or stool, kinda shapes go for Chair or cylinder beanbags. Teardrop shape bags offer the best kind o back support.

Size: Beanbags, in general, are sold in the XL, XXL, and XXXL sizes in India. Don't confuse them with the clothing sizes and think that the XL would be enough for you. XL size is the one meant for kids. Opt for the XXXL size that is meant for adults. This size can handle two people if needed and a person can sit comfortably on it.

Outer Fabric: Most of the beanbag bags found nowadays in the market are made up of either Leather, Fibre, Denim, Cotton or Vinyl. Of these, the vinyl ones are easy to clean while the denim or cotton-based ones are very comfortable. try to get beanbags with liner so that the fabric can easily be removed in order to wash it when needed.

Bean Quality: The quality of the beans is determined by the bean density. the bean density determines how soon your beans can get flat. At lower densities, the beans flatten out very fast while at higher bean densities it might take up to 2-3 years.
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