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Phone 9109108828, 9993134949, 07714010876, 07712243956 Phone Chat now! Address Opp Sabzi Market, Near Sitla Mandir, Danganiya, Raipur Category Building Construction And Design About Aryan home maintenance company (AHMC) is established by Er. DS Dhurwey(MARSHAL) BE (Civil) on 01 Jan 2016 with this aim to make Houses, Offices ,required maintenance. EASY & SIMPLE.
All of our handymen have been trained by Skilled India Education Sc more...
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Is it true that flammable substances like petrol were once used for dry cleaning?

Rajveer, Dantewada
Yes. A lot of dry cleaners back in the 19th century used a variety of flammable substances like turpentine, benzene, kerosene, petrol etc as solvents for the dry cleaning process. It was found that these substances were very efficient in removing stains from clothes without harming the fabric.

But each of these substances had a problem. While turpentine washed clothes would have a smell after being cleaned, benzene could be toxic to both customers or cleaners if left on the cloth. But above all, the greatest issue was that these substances were highly inflammable. For this reason, dry cleaners then were not allowed to ply their trade in the shopping districts but had to clean clothes far away from the city. The clothes were therefore first collected in the city and then transported outside for cleaning.

It was in the 20th century that chlorinated solvents finally started to be used which finally led to the replacement of all flammable solvents with chlorinated solvents for this purpose. Dry cleaners could finally set up their businesses inside the city.
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