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What are a few things that I need to remember when installing false ceilings?

1. Choosing your contractor: There have been instances of dishonest contractors who use substandard materials and of contractors who don't know as much as they should. Giving such contractors the authority to build your false ceiling is as good as letting it fall on your head. Make sure that you do prior research on your contractor. Ask friends and family for references. Ask the contractor to give details of some of his previous clients. Call them up and enquire. Choose one only after you are satisfied.

2. Installation time: Depending of the complexities of your design, area, as well as the materials, used your installation might take some time. Make sure that you clearly discuss your expectations about the project duration with the contractor. Ask for his opinions on how the time could be further reduced. Make sure that his schedule is free and is not getting distracted by other events.

3. Height: In general a minimum height of 10-11 feet is needed to as to install a false ceiling. Assuming a foot for the false ceiling we would be left with at least 9 feet below the false ceiling. Installing at lower heights might make things like almirah, or other tall furniture unsuitable for the room.

4. Plan the wiring and lighting in advance: Discuss with the contractor in advance how the wiring, lighting and other electrical connections need to be made with the false ceiling in mind. It is difficult to modify them after installation. In worst cases doing a redesign after istallation would result in you having to demolish part of your false ceiling. This would cost you both time and money.
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