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What are some things we should now before buying a TV?

In general, if we are planning to buy a television we would go for a well-known TV brand. But apart from the brand, there are many other features we need to consider like whether there is a service centre nearby, the kind of warranty that is being offered by the company etc.

When buying a TV nowadays one decision that you would need to take is whether you want to keep the TV on the table or mount it on a wall. A lot of TV manufacturers nowadays sell the wall mount with them as well. So if you want to mount the TV on the wall then you will have to purchase the TV wall mount separately. But do remember here that you would also have to hide the wires and cables. You would also need to find a place to keep the set top boxes, game consoles and DVD players which need to be connected to the television.

IF you are purchasing a slim TV, remember that they have a low audio output since they come with a 10-watt speaker. So if you want a better experience it is recommended that you get yourself a home theatre or a speaker system.

Nowadays TVs with big screen sizes are relatively cheap and you can get sizes starting from 21 to even 65 inch TVs. But in order to get the best viewing experience, you will have to measure the distance between you and the TV and then decide on the appropriate size. If the viewing distance is between 4-6 feet go for a 32 inch TV. For 5-8feet, it is ideal to go for a 40-42 inch TV. For 6-9 feet it is ideal to go for a 46-49 inch TV. If the distance is greater than 8 feet, go for a 50 inch TV.
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