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What is a wireless mouse?

Sristi Kalita, Tinsukia
As the name suggests, a wireless mouse is a computer device that commonly works through radio frequencies and doesn’t require any cords to connect to the computer. It’s easy portability, reliability and handy accessibility makes it extremely popular.
The working of a wireless mouse is via radio frequencies which are often called as RF. The mice used during earlier days used a range of about only 27Mhz which was very limited to operate, but nowadays, the mice used are of 2.4 Ghz frequency, providing them a scope of greater range to operate say about 100 to 150 foot. Moreover, these frequencies are known to be very stable and don’t impose any barrier or interference in the given range of operation. The RF technology mice is also popular for being inexpensive, using low powered small batteries. Today, most wireless mice uses the technology of Optical sensor than that of track ball tech.
The principle of RF mice is processed through two important components of such mouse namely the transmitter and the receiver.
The transmitter of the wireless mouse is generally mounted inside the mouse piece, through which it transmits information recording all the movements that are clicked by the user operating it to the radio receiver.
The receiver is usually connected to the input of the peripheral mouse of the computer. This radio frequency receiver receives the transmitted information and decodes the same, further processing these to the computer directly as normal. Such receivers come in various styles, from in built components connecting to the input of the mouse to a card that needs to be installed in the expansion slots of the computer.
A process known as pairing is done to set up the coordination of the mouse’s transmitter and the receiver of the same, allowing both these components to work on same frequencies and also using a common identification code. This process also helps in avoidance of interferences.
Well, when it comes of sending any information over air, security risks are involved. Securities are provided through encrypting data, frequency hopping etc. These methods also help in preventing hacking or eavesdropping.
Presently, there are 3 such mice namely Optical, mechanical and laser mice.
An optical mouse uses optical light for their working. These mice are also very popular as these are reliable, cheap and accurate and are fast in processing information.
The mechanical mouse uses a rubber ball and is not very popular because of the fact that these mice absorbs dirt too quickly and are slow in processing information.
Laser mice uses laser light to determine and calculate the movements. They are very reliable, accurate, and precise and can also process information very fast. However, the price is too high than that of an optical mouse.
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