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I have seen schools in my city who call themselves international schools. On which basis are schools called international schools? Do they need some special certification?

Misbah Ansari, Raipur
International Schools refer to those schools which are affiliated to internationally recognised school boards like the International Baccalaureate Organisation(IBO) or the Cambridge International Examination(CIE).

These schools follow an international curriculum which tends to focus on a practical and application based learning rather than theories. They have a broad spectrum of subjects to be taught to the students. This is to ensure an all round development. A student who passes out from an International School receives an IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) certificate. This is comparable to an equivalent CBSE or ICSE certificate.

The term 'International' is being used by many schools as a branding tool nowadays. They might not have an affiliation or certification from international bodies like the IBO or CIE but claim that they provide their students an international standard of education. Many of these schools have CBSE or ICSE affiliations. They teach a curriculum designed for India and have an Indian certification and then call themselves 'International'!

So consider a situation. I ate a Biriyani using spoons, forks. My friend ate it using a chopstick. The ingredients are all obtained from the nearby market. The method of preparation is also Indian. But since we ate it using forks and chopsticks does that make it 'International'?

So what might be the reason for this?

> Parents want the best for their kids. They won't care about the money if they feel that a school can provide their child with the best possible education. And International school to them might feel like a better option.
> An 'International' badge would help a school justify a higher fee structure.
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