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What are some things which we learnt in school that you feel is completely redundant?

The fourth standard was a great period of time in my life. I remember our English teacher giving us an assignment for our summer vacation. It was to write book summary from a list of books and writing a letter another student. Shyam was my first penpal. We both wrote to each other about our places we travelled to, the things we did and what not. It was the first time I wrote a letter and I liked the experience. I would write again to a few other friends who transferred to another city. By the sixth standard, we had a land line connection in our home. The addresses I noted down were replaced by phone numbers. The evolution continued. Email, SMS, G-Chat, FB messenger, Skype, Hangout, Whatsapp. The whole gamut.

The last time I wrote a letter was to disconnect our BSNL connection a few months back. It was not posted but given to a BSNL officer who gave a cursory glance at the subject, signed the form and gave it back to us. Its the same for most of us, the only letter we write nowadays are to people in government organisations. And the letter before this one. It feels so long back that I don't even remember.

The fact that our postal services have become a loss-making firm only goes on to show how much our dependence on letters has decreased. The postal service is a logistics firm and with slight changes to its products and services they will continue to survive. But can the same be said for letters?

There was a time during the age of metal and bronze when people studied to be warriors or archers. So do I need to practise my sword swings for tomorrow's class? Times have changed. Nowadays martial arts is just a hobby class.

I remember my school board exam which had 8-10 mark questions to write formal or informal letters. There are marks for every step: To, From, Date, Subject, Body, Regards etc. I don't even remember the format now. I have no reason to remember

Most of my mails nowadays are emails where columns have been assigned for every section. The From and Date columns are auto-filled. A signature needs to be made once and assigned and that information gets auto-filled as well the next time you send a mail.

So what exactly is the purpose of giving so much importance to writing a letter. It needs to be taught and everyone will still use it in a different form, but the format of usage has changed. So shouldn't the format of teaching evolve as well?
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