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How are the flat plate and tubular batteries different?

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Ankit Sharma, Bangalore
Level 9 contributor
  • Battery Life: The main differences are the changes to the positive plate. In a battery, the positive plate is very important and it is its decay over tie that leads to battery inefficiency. So in tubular batteries, the positive plate is replaced with a tube that is made from cloth and it is coated well. It is because of the tube that it is called a tubular battery. It also increases the lifespan of the battery. The flat plate battery uses the positive and negative plates. So its battery life is lower than that of the tubular battery. 
  • Efficiency: Other than this the efficiency between the two also varies. While the flat plate batteries have low efficiency resulting in a lot of current wastage, the tubular batteries have a very high efficiency. This is important since, in the long term, this aspect can lower your electricity bills significantly. 
  • Maintenance: The maintenance required for flat plate batteries is higher than that of tubular batteries. 
  • Weight: When it comes to the weight the tubular batteries are heavier of the two. 
  • Cost: Costwise as well the tubular batteries tend to be more expensive.
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