Marketing 101 for Local Businesses: From Level Zero to Dragon Warrior in 6 Simple Steps

So How can a business build an active online presence for itself?

It isn’t too hard if it follows these 6 simple steps that are summarised below. But before that make sure that you have downloaded the QuickSearch app from Google Playstore.

  1. Create a QuickSearch profile for Your Business: If you haven’t added your business to QuickSearch, this is the first thing you have to do. You can do so here.
  2. Claim Your Business Profile: Ony on claiming can you can get access to the business edit panel, update details, add offers, answer questions or reply to reviews. To do this, follow the steps given in the guide provided here.
  3. Chat With Users: You don’t have to lose clients anymore. Chat with users directly through the app. Send messages and images to businesses using chat.
  4. Add Offers or Deals: Advertise your business to customers across the city using this feature. Follow the steps provided here in order to add your first deal.
  5. Answer Questions using LaJawaab: Answer common user questions and become a local expert. Click here to know more about this feature.
  6. Reply to Reviews: Always reply whenever a customer reviews your business; be it good or bad.

“There is now a Level Zero” – Master Shifu

These are the words of Master Shifu after he watches the very first martial arts training of Po the Panda, the one who is destined to become a dragon warrior. When it was initially declared that he would be the legendary Dragon Warrior, many people had their reservations. After all, how can a fat Panda who only knows how to eat, who has never exercised for even a day in his entire life be expected to learn the nuances of martial arts and become a legendary martial arts master?

It just seemed impossible. But Master Shifu found a way and we ended up with the Kung Fu Panda Trilogy starring the Po the Panda, as the Legendary Dragon warrior. From Level Zero to Dragon Warrior.

Level Zero, though, is not a concept that is limited solely to martial arts. It is also something that exists in the world of online marketing. This is especially true for local businesses who in some cases don’t even have an online presence. There might be many reasons for this. Most of these are misconceptions, but they have resulted in a lot of business owners never giving online marketing a try. So given below are three statements that all business owner should know about.

So how can a business create an active local online presence?

We at QuickSearch have added a few features recently that could help businesses grow locally and improve their sales. Businesses can use these features to give themselves a boost.

There are two reasons why a business should try them out.

So given below are the 6 steps that a business can use in order to take themselves to the next level.

  1. Create a QuickSearch profile for your business: To do this click on the add business option that is provided on the top section of the site or click here.You need to add the name, address, phone number, city, category and photo in order to register your business on our site. Once you have submitted this information, you would soon receive a call for verification after which your business is displayed on our site.
  2. Claim your business: Once you have added your business to our site the next step is to claim the business. Claiming your business will give you the right to make changes to Name, Phone number/s, Adress, Locality, City, Business email, Add or remove categories, keywords, description etc. Other than this you would also be able to chat with users, add deals, reply to reviews, answer user questions and view your business stats.
    In order to claim, you need to visit your business profile and click on the edit section. You can follow the steps given in the guide provided here.
  3. Chat with Users: Ther are often cases of businesses not being able to attend calls because they might be busy with clients or for some other reason. After some time when they try to call back, the calls might not get picked up in some cases. In some other cases, the customer got what they needed from another business. Losing a client is never a good feeling.
    With the Chat feature, business owners can communicate directly with the users at their convenience. They can answer their queries via chat and can even send images through the app. In order to use the chat feature, you need to have the QuickSearch app installed. So make sure that you have downloaded the QuickSearch app from Google Playstore.
  4. Add Offers or Deals: One of the best ways to attract a customer to a business is through offering deals or discounts. But that in itself is not enough to make the customers visit the store. After all, how would any customer visit a business if they don’t even know that a discount is being offered.
    With the deals feature on QuickSearch, any business can easily advertise any deals or discounts they are offering throughout the city. You can use this link and follow the steps mentioned inside in order to add your first deal.
  5. Answer Questions: With our Q&A platform called LaJawaab, businesses can choose to answer questions that were asked by users with their business profile. Local Businesses can get a lot of benefits from using this platform.
    • It would allow businesses to showcase their experience and knowledge and help create an identity of a local expert.
    • Being a local expert can help businesses improve reputation and popularity amongst client base and help them get more clients.
    • All answers will also be posted on the business profile.
    Click here to know more about this feature.
  6. Reply to Reviews: Be polite and always reply whenever a customer reviews your business be it good or bad. A review is there for a reason. And every review will help your business. Even the bad ones since it will help you identify the problems that customers have faced and correct them.

As you can now see, it isn’t really that hard to give your business an online boost. You just need to follow these 6 simple steps. But it is also wise to remember that Rome was not built in a day. Just invest a few minutes of your time into this and you will soon see how easy it is to become a dragon warrior.